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AdvoCare / Nutrition

We believe that we can get a large part of our nutritional requirements from food. That being said, we also believe that nutritional supplementation will not only give you everything you are lacking, but it will accelerate your performance and recovery from workouts and life in general. There is only one nutrition company that we recommend and that is AdvoCare.  Advocare's products are safe, effective and certified banned substance free. 

We have programs and products for those that want to accelerate weight loss and we have products to enhance lean muscle and improve recovery on and off the playing field. It’s no wonder Super Bowl MVP and All-Pro Quarterback Drew Brees takes our products. They work each and every time.  

To order or get started on one of our 1/80 Programs, please contact info@crossfitkoa.com

Feel free to go to www.advocare.com/07042287 to view the product line.