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3-2-1... SLOW DOWN!

   Here is a video of Rich Froning and Dan Bailey doing a lot of snatches in a very short time… let’s see how many times they use poor technique to complete a rep:
   Damn… how is Froning’s 98th rep going to look better than my first warm up rep with the bar????
  Isn’t it interesting how Rich Froning, the two-time CrossFit champion has nearly perfect technique throughout all 98 reps.  His pal Dan Bailey put up an impressive 95 reps, but couldn’t keep up with the great Rich Froning at the end.  Was it because Bailey just isn’t as fit as Froning?  No, I seriously doubt that.  Was it because Froning’s technique is so solid that when fatigue settled in he was able to rely on that sound technique to get through those last 8 reps?  Now that is much more probable. 
   People, I have said this countless times (as have many other smart coaches): it is no coincidence the fittest man in the world Rich Froning also has some of the best technique and mechanics of any athlete in or out of the CrossFit world. 
   This begs the question: if technique is so important to the fittest man in the world, shouldn’t we give a crap about it too?
   Let me help you with that answer… HELL FRIGGIN YES!
   I am growing weary of this “get the weight up at any cost” style of lifting.  I can no longer sit idly by and watch these “kipping” pull ups that look more like a sheet flopping around in the wind hanging from a laundry line than an athlete using his/her body properly to maximize his/her power output in a given workout.  While producing as much intensity as possible is an integral aspect of our conditioning, it cannot be done at the expense of totally ignoring form and technique. 
   Therefore I am challenging all of you to no longer hear the call “3-2-1 GO” and blindly charge your way through another grueling met-con just so you can finish it.  Instead make it “3-2-1 SLOW DOWN and FOCUS on technique!”  Try placing an emphasis on doing all the movements as close to perfect as you possibly can.  Do not get caught up in the clock winding down… and do not EVER feel compelled to keep up with someone else.  These workouts are personal; they are for YOU and YOU only.  If you are in our gym strictly to “beat” other people in workouts, you are probably in the wrong place. 
   Unless that person is Chris Faustino.  ALWAYS try and beat Chris Faustino.  That is just fun.  I should know… I beat him all the time. 
   Moving forward let us all take the time to dedicate ourselves to getting better by actually getting better.  Do the boring drills, take the time for mobility at home, take some weight off the bar and really work on your technique.  Take that one step backward so that you can take countless steps forward.  Stop taking shortcuts and put in the requisite work to become the best you can possibly be. 
   Do that and soon it could be you facing off with Rich Froning, head to head in a contest to determine the fittest on earth. 
   Or maybe face off with Chris Faustino… same amount of abs but you will have a much better chance of winning.