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The Grand Finale

Well this is it.  My final blog post for CrossFit Koa.  When I first posted a blog on our old website, I had no idea people would actually read or even care to read what I wrote.  I am still not sure if anyone reads it, but I have come to really enjoy writing these blogs.  I enjoyed writing them most of all because I was writing for Koa, for all of you.  If people outside the gym could relate and gain smoe perspective than that was a bonus but my objective has always been to reach the minds, hearts and souls of our members here at CrossFit Koa.  I will continue writing now for a different audience, and hopefully be able to share my knowlede and thoughts with an even larger population.  But always and forever will I have CrossFit Koa in my heart, and hopefully you will continue to read my writings.
For my final blog post here, I want to end on a positive note.  Or should I say a happy note.  I am trying not to be sad about leaving all of you, because I know our bond and our relationships that we have developed in and outside of the gym will carry on no matter where I go. 
   But still…. It kind of sucks. 
   I want to leave you with a few final words, coming from not only the man who has been your trainer and coach, but as a person who has come to know all of you and honestly and truly want nothing but the best for you all.  So here you go, my final instructions:

  • NEVER EVER QUIT.  If you do I will haunt you forever more.  I am not kidding.  Remember that today’s failures become tomorrow’s success.  If you want something – I mean really want something – commit yourself right this second to putting the time and effort to acquire it.  You wouldn’t want results any other way than through hard work, effort and dedication.  Why do you think so many lottery winners end up going broke a few years later?  Success without the requisite time and effort is often nothing more than fool’s gold.  Do not look for shortcuts.  Embrace the daily grind and the seemingly endless road towards reaching your goals, always believing that one day soon you will get what you want.  I promise. 
  • A coach who will not listen is a coach who cannot teach.  Communicate your issues and your problems with your coaches whenever you feel necessary.  Something hurts or something just doesn’t make sense, ASK your coach (not the person next to you!) If you slept 2 hours because you were up with a screaming baby and now at 6AM we are asking you to back squat 95% of your max for three sets of one, please tell us so we can help adjust the numbers for you!  Assume nothing and let us help you by always communicating with us each and every day.
  • Get better.  Always.  Never be satisfied with the status quo or your current situation.  It’s easy to see progress in the beginning and then get complacent once the plateaus hit.  Complacency is usually followed by frustration and then frustration usually leads to quitting.  Never let it get that far by walking through the gym doors EVERY SINGLE DAY with the mindset that you will be a little bit better today than you were yesterday.  Whether it is improving your technique in a lift, adding some weight to your back squat, or even mobilizing a little more during warm up, never allow yourself to walk out of the gym the same as when you walked in. 
  • Try new stuff!  Go hiking.  Run a race you never ran.  Play a sport.  Challenge someone to an arm wrestling match.  DO SOMETHING NEW!  CrossFit is about general physical preparedness, AKA train you to be able to do awesome stuff!  Ever go ice skating?  Try it.  Go do cartwheels on your front lawn.  Have you ever just run as fast as you can for as long as you can?  Just because?  Do it.  Always seek out new challenges.  Or else complacency comes… then frustration… then you - know- what.  See?  We are learning here!
  • Every once and a while, do something you are awesome at.   If you go through a series a workouts where the movements have been difficult for you and the weights just a bit too high, don’t be dejected.  Pick a movement that you know you can crush and DO IT.  Do a 102 KB swings (love ya Amy!) or climb the rope or rip off fifty double unders.  Remind yourself of how awesome you are and then get back to work. 
  • Last one… run to your dreams and LIVE THEM!  I don’t want to say “chase” your dreams because the reality is your dreams are not running away from you.  They are not afraid of you… you are afraid of them!  It’s a classic piece of advice but just presented in a different way.  Too often we see our dreams and hopes as getting “away” from us and as time passes we feel more and more distant from those dreams.  That is (excuse my language) bulls***.  Your dreams have gone nowhere, it is YOU who has turned and started walking away.  Make today the day you start walking TOWARDS your dreams and although I cannot promise you when, I can promise you that someday you will get there.  Trust me… I am living proof J
  • Never forget me dammit.  Seriously. 

   Ok no sappy goodbyes because I will see you all again.  Please – and I can’t stress this enough – remember that I will FOREVER be your coach and your friend.  Call me, message me, email me any time you want and I will always be there to help any way I can. 
   If I have impacted your lives 1/100000000000000000000000th as much as you have all impacted mine over the years, I know I have done my job well.  Thank you for the greatest three years of my life.  Thank you for helping me make all of my dreams come true.  And in the words of the “Golden Girls” theme song: “… thank you for being a friend.”
(TRIVIA: Name all four “Golden Girls” stars and the state they lived in.  Ten burpees for each incorrect answer.)