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I wish I knew what “it” was. Everyone always talks about “it”, but no one seems to be able to define what “it” is. I know that sometimes I have “it”, and at other times, I definitely DO NOT have “it”. I can usually tell during warming up whether or not I am going to have “it” for that day. Sometimes I will grab the 45 lbs. bar and I swear it feels like it is at least 250 lbs. Probably not going to have “it” that day…

But what I have learned is that you do not have to have “it” every single day. Success isn’t based on whether you performed your best on any given day… it is about your determination to produce the best that you can on that particular day. For instance, take an Olympic weightlifter who trains his/her butt off for years and years for just two events: the snatch and the clean and jerk. A life dedicated to just 6 total lifts – three attempts at each – to win a gold medal. Their training sessions are grueling, constantly putting themselves under weights I wouldnt even attempt to lift off the ground, let alone throw over my head. They sacrifice time, relationships, fun, and whatever else necessary to prepare themselves for that one moment. And when the time comes, when their name is called and they walk to the bar for lifts 1, 2 and 3… do they always make the lift? No. In fact, many will walk off the stage having failed at a weight that they hit numerous times in practice. They can only give their all on that one day and hope and pray it is enough.

We are not Olympic athletes (well not yet anyways) but we are CrossFitters. You come into the gym every day, and as your trainers we ask A LOT of you. We ask you to push past your comfort zones into places you never imagined possible… and then we ask you do it again tomorrow. That is not easy, people.

Some days you will not have “it”. Some days you will do 10 pull ups with ease, and on others you will need a band to get you through a work out. Some days you will fail at a weight that you once did numerous times. Some days you will run 400m and swear it must have been 40000000m by the way your lungs and legs feel.

I am here to tell you that that is OK! It is ok to feel like that. To be honest, I love that many of you feel that way sometimes. It tells me that you will not settle… you are not happy with being good, you want to be better. Striving for “it” in every single workout, in every single occasion of your life, will lead you to success I promise you.

I will never care about what your numbers are, what your times are, how much weight you moved, or how many reps you have finished. I only care about one thing: did you do everything in your power to get better today? Answer yes to that question and you will not only be great in CrossFit, but you will be one heck of a person as well.