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Walk for Will

Attention KOA Nation - we need to mobilize and not with bands and foam rollers this time. We need to join together and Walk 4 Will. A few members of CrossFit KOA are friends with the family and we have offered to volunteer at the event and walk. Details are to come on how we can volunteer etc. Below you will find more info on Will, the event and a link to register and commit to a number of laps. Let's help them get to their goal of 1,000 laps, Right now they need about 200 more laps to get to the goal. 

The Walk for Will event will take place on May 18th at David Brearley High School in Kenilworth.

Will is four years old. He lives in Cranford. He likes pirates, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, dinosaurs, and the New York Giants. 

Will also has a rare form of cancer called Adrenal cortical Carcinoma.

Will is a hero. He has committed to fighting cancer. Join us by committing to walk laps on the track for him. Our goal is to walk a total of 1000 laps for Will! 



May 18, 2013 from 9-12 come walk for Will! In addition to the walk there will be activities for the kids, snacks and entertainment. The walk will be held at David Brearley High School in Kenilworth NJ.
Here is some background information from his CaringBridge page posted by his mom:

In July, Will and I went to his pediatrician for a routine physical with, among other things, a concern about his belly looking a bit distended. His trusted pediatrician, with a look of concern, said to get blood work, an ultrasound, and make an appointment with an endocrinologist. Two of the three appointments were made when I received a call the next morning. Dr. Luke couldn't sleep bc he just couldn't figure out Will's prognosis and suggested we head to the ER. We went and immediately had bloodwork and a CAT scan. The results were that Will's distention was due to a large tumor growing in that little belly of his. We were transported to Morristown Memorial and the many specialists in pediatric oncology, endocrinology, radiology, and surgery were in and out monitoring Will, and helping us feel secure in their hands. Will was operated on July 27th by Dr. Jacir and he removed the entire mass and the adrenal gland it was growing from too.

Will bounced back from surgery like it was nobody's business! He was such a rock star! 

Will's tumor was Adrenalcortical Carcinoma stage 2 and malignant, however at that time it was still unclear whether chemotherapy was needed. Numerous pathology labs looked over his labs, including CHOP, and had the same determination. The lymph nodes did not have any of the disease which was great news. 

After visiting CHOP for a 2nd opinion to meet Dr. Mustafi (the oncologist/endocrinologist), and meeting back at Morristown with Dr. Jacir (Will's surgeon), Dr. Halpern (his oncologist) and Dr. Silverman (his endocrinologist) in mid August it was determined that Will did NOT need another surgery. His blood levels were already where they needed to be just 7 days after surgery, so they will continue to monitor him every month. This is what helped to make the decision not to do the surgery, amongst other things.

Over the weekend, Will had another visit at CHOP and an MRI scheduled at Morristown. We learned that Will has abnormal cell growth on his lungs and liver. Chemotherapy will begin Nov 13th.

Thanks for the love and support!! Will is a fighter and the most determined little boy I know!!

Come help support Will!