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Gym Rules

Gym Rules

Here you will find the rules of CrossFit KOA:


  1. Be on time and please do not show up for a WOD more than 10-15 minutes early.
  2. Re-rack all weights and put away all equipment ( boxes, abmats etc.)
  3. Clean all equipment at the end of the WOD, pull up bars, abmats, bars, chalk and sweat marks etc.
  4. Keep the chalk in the bucket or on your hands- Not all over the floor.
  5. Do not drop an empty bar.
  6. When dropping/dumping the bar or any other equipment please use extreme caution. Bars should not be bouncing all over the place and they should not move to far away from you.
  7. Pay attention to your surroundings and be careful when walking around during a WOD. For instance don't walk in front of someone doing a kettlebell swing or right behind someone doing a back squat.
  8. If you puke, you clean it up.
  9. If you are not a parent of a child in a CrossFit KOA Kids class please stay outside until the class is over. Only parents of the children are permitted inside during the kids class.



  1. Everything is scalable based on your fitness level - all we ask is you listen to the coaches and give it everything you have during the WOD
  2. No excuses, train like a champ.
  3. Sometimes it is hard but really try to count your reps and please don't intentionally miscount your reps.
  4. Support your fellow athletes and help others improve.
  5. Introduce yourself to someone new, make them feel comfortable. Remember you were new once, you probably didn't know anyone and were a little or a lot nervous about starting CrossFit.