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Back to Basics

So the Giants won today…
   … and I dropped my phone again. 
   Guess that just became an unfortunate “superstition” for me and my beloved Samsung. 
   ANYWAYS, I want to continue a discussion I had with some classes during this week about the quality of movement and what it means to do a workout “prescribed” or “Rx”.
   First of all, if you have time, I encourage you to read the following article on “Virtuosity” in CrossFit as explained by the founder of CrossFit Coach Glassman:
   With that in mind, I would also like to share a quote with you all that was on Facebook from another coach to his/her members:
“So proud of {our members} for finishing close to last in the last WOD today because they TOOK PRIDE IN THEIR MOVEMENT and didn't worm, rock, or not come to full extension in their pushups today! Truth is, REAL pushups take longer and are harder than sh*tty ones!! Love you guys and way to hold a standard!!!!!! WOOT!!!!!!!!”
   Point: Good coaches notice sh*tty movement. 
  I understand that CrossFit is, at the end of the day, exercise.  And while exercise may not seem to be the most important part of your day, it may very well be the most important thing to your health.  As I have stated before, there is not one drug or medication on the planet that can do for your body what a regular exercise program can.  So while we are only “exercising”, let us not diminish the importance of what you all accomplish within our gym walls.
   I cannot speak for every trainer or every CF gym in the world, but at CrossFit Koa we want the absolute best for each and every one of our members.  And I am afraid that somewhere along the way that message has gotten lost.   Somehow pull ups that do not end with each rep going from full extension at the bottom to chin over the bar, push ups where the chest does not hit the floor or the arms to full extension at the top, squats that do not travel past parallel at the bottom… somehow all of these things have become considered performing these movement “as prescribed”. 
  Full range of motion is not just for show.  It is to make your body stronger.  To create better posture.  To stave off decrepitude when we grow old.  To promote functionality.  It is vital to the CrossFit plan and to your health and somehow it has become not as important to some of you as writing “Rx” to your name has. 
   It is time for a fundamental change in our gym, myself included.  I challenge you all to care just as much at perfecting your air squat as you do about adding 1 more pound on your clean.  I challenge you to do 10 dead hang pull ups unbroken before doing 10 kipping ones.  I challenge you to fix your running mechanics before signing up for that next race (CF Endurance plug!) Take one, maybe two steps back so you can take about 549,912 forward!!!!
   No matter who you are, no matter what age, no matter what experience, you need to make this priority #1.  Regardless if you are someone who wants to just stay in shape to help with some troubling back pain, or someone who wants to lose 5 pounds before a beach vacation, or someone who thinks you can win the Games, quality in your movements and that struggle for obtaining virtuosity in your movements need to be your #1 goal… not a false “Rx”.
   I plan on holding you ALL to not a “higher” standard, but the only standard.  There will be tough love coming your way.  I have told every person I have ever coached in Foundations or spoke to concerning joining CrossFit Koa the same exact thing: leave your ego at the door and be prepared for a big slice of humble pie.
 Like I said, we want what is best for ALL of you.  I will be here to push you when you need it, and reel you back in when you need that too.  Let’s get back to crushing the fundamentals and the rest I can assure you will come.