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Haters gonna hate...

When I first started CrossFit, I certainly was not “drinking the Kool Aid"…. I was friggin CHUGGING the Kool Aid. Whether it was the rush I got from finishing a WOD or the countless videos of smoking hot chicks doing muscles up and lifting huge weights, I instantly fell in love with CrossFit. I loved everything about it, and I began to tell anyone who would listen aaaaaaall about it.

Naturally, not everyone agreed. And I could not understand why. Didn’t they know CrossFit cured cancer? Stopped wars? Put a man on the moon? Was responsible for bringing down the Berlin Wall? I was so madly in love with CrossFit that any dissention sent me into a defiant frenzy, forcing my beliefs about the greatness of CrossFit down the throat of just about everyone I spoke to. Like a young puppy who chews on everything, I didn’t realize my energetic behavior was actually more detrimental than helpful in terms of conveying the validity of CrossFit.

However, I have come a long way. I love CrossFit more than ever but understand that it cannot actually stop wars (not yet, anyways). It is a phenomenal way to obtain a high level of fitness, but not the only way. It is a community saturated with people full of inspiration and dedication… but then again so is the body building community that we tend to mock from time to time. And now, as CrossFit grows in popularity, and the “haters" come out to voice their opposition, I have learned how to address their concerns in a much more diplomatic way.

I simply tell them, "Shut up. You suck." Kidding.

Let’s go over some of the top “issues" people outside the community often have with CrossFit and see if I cant tackle them one by one.

  1. “CrossFit makes you weak."

    People still mistakenly believe that CrossFit is nothing more than 20:00 + AMRAPs of body weight exercises. Wrong. And as a member of CrossFit Koa, you can certainly attest to that. Strength work is a KEY component to our programming, as we understand the importance and value of being strong in relation to everyone’s health. And for those who believe CrossFit makes you weak, please explain this to me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiROq__YTXA&feature=related (and this guy wasn’t even a top finisher at the Games!)

  2. “CrossFit makes you bulky."

    Popular one with the women. And despite posting countless articles from trainers and scientists and nutritionists telling you “YOU WILL NOT GET BULKY", it still seems to be an issue. Unless you are a 1970s Bulgarian female weightlifter on steroids, lifting weights is not going to make you bulky. Will it create more lean muscle? Burn more fat? Make your arms look more defined, as well as your traps and delts perhaps? Yes. If less fat and more muscle means you look “bulky", than I would like to go on record as saying that I LOVE BULKY GIRLS!!!! Get off the treadmill. Stop running and running and running… and start lifting weights. Please.

  3. “CrossFit is dangerous."

    I have a hard time keeping my cool when this one comes up. This is pure stupidity and ignorance at its finest. The claim is that by performing complex movements at such high intensity the risk of injury is great. Hmmm… well lets not even get into the fact that UNLIKE EVERY OTHER GYM, we train our members on HOW to do all the movements first, then proceed to back up that instruction with daily reviews and constant coaching. But let’s talk “danger". By that definition, skiing is dangerous. Running (which is a SKILL people) is a dangerous. Swimming in the ocean. Playing pick up basketball. Football. All sports. Paintball. Rock climbing. Surfing. Snowboarding. Hiking. Trail running… all of these activities (and countless others) require a great deal from your body and have the potential for injury. Perhaps these people believe we should live in a bubble.

We live in an era where people are running 100+ mile endurance runs in 10,000 feet and higher elevation in times your mind cannot even imagine. Watch the Olympics and behold the worlds best athletes perform. Do not sit back and tell me that the human body cannot handle CrossFit. Do not tell me that when there are men and women throwing up HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of pounds over their heads, swimming across ridiculous bodies of water, running distances that boggle the mind, that some thrusters and pull ups are “dangerous".

Get out of the culture that is creating obese, lazy people. The culture that is constantly telling us “You can’t do that." As a CrossFitter, you will learn to reject that notion EVERY single day. We don’t understand “can’t." If it can be done, we will learn how to do it. We will work at it. We may fail – many times – but in the end we will win. Because even in failure we will be getting better and better and better...

Phew... got a little worked up there. So there you have it… just a few examples. CrossFit is not some miracle pill. It is not without its imperfections. It is a constantly evolving entity that has one focus: to make your lives better (there is that word again!). And because of that, in my humble opinion, it is the best thing out there. And it is going to be around for a loooooong time…