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"I Do CrossFit"

I sometimes feel silly saying I “do” CrossFit. After all, what does it really mean to “do” CrossFit? In my opinion, it makes what we do sound like something based off a set of DVDs I bought off of an infomercial at 3:00am. And that, obviously, just isn’t the case.

So what does it mean to “do” CrossFit? What separates those of us who actually chose to come into the gym each and every week and subject ourselves to workouts, movements, routines that we would normally never ever even consider trying? Based off of my experience, here are just a few of many ideas…

- First and foremost, being a part of a CrossFit program means you are dedicated to a legitimate strength program. You understand the value of getting stronger, and its long-term health benefits. You understand that if you want to be healthy at 60, 70 and even 80 years old, developing a strong body NOW is going to make that possible. Our strength program isn’t just about lifting huge numbers, but about making you a healthier individual capable of combating anything and everything from poor posture to aches and pains. FACT: no pill or drug on the planet has the ability to do for your body what exercise can. And becoming strong is an integral part of what we do.

- Second, CrossFit requires you to continuously work towards increasing the intensity in a workout. What does that mean? It means first perfecting your technique, so that you may move as quickly as possible without injury. Once the technique is acceptable, it is time to push hard. This is done through adding weight, or increasing the amount of reps/rounds in a workout. If you are not willing to work on your technique, you will not be able to move forward, and you will miss out on the benefit of CrossFit programming. Working towards increasing your work capacity is a large part of what CrossFit is all about.

- Finally, CrossFit is about finding weakness and attacking them. Think about all of your skills and abilities like ingredients in the kitchen. If you only have a limited amount of “ingredients” to work with, how great of a meal can you really make? Conversely, if you have a great deal of options to include in your meal, how much better will it be? Work hard at what you suck at. Stop letting that jump rope kick your butt in double unders. Tell those bands that soon enough you won’t be needing their help on the pull up bar. Learning and mastering new skills will not only change your body and increase your fitness, but it also feels pretty damn good. Just someone who gets their first unassisted pull up or rope climb or handstand push up or first 5K how they feel afterwards…

Get strong. Crank up the intensity. Crush your weaknesses. Just a few of the things it means to “do” CrossFit. Maybe you have a different perception of what it means to you, and that is the beauty of this community: it can be whatever you want it to be. But if you are serious, if you are truly committed to this and want to see changes, remember these three things. Be sure to give attention to all three every time you are in the gym, and I promise you change will come.