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Shortcuts - Just Say No

Ok I am going to take everyone back (much like Way Back Wednesdays) and make a Super Mario Brothers reference.  All you young people who are thinking “Oh yea Nintendo 64 I remember that!” you are WRONG.  I am talking about the original Nintendo gaming system… the one you had to blow into the game cartridge and into the machine to get it to work sometimes.  The one that came with “Duck Hunt".  OLD SCHOOL.
   Anyways, Super Mario Brothers was the first legitimate video game that had a plot and many levels that I remember playing as a kid.  I seemed to be able to get pretty far, but there was always this one part that I could not get by.  For the life of me, I could not beat the bad guy at the end of this one level.  Friends were beating the game and moving onto bigger and better things like “Tecmo Bowl” and “Excitebike” but not me… I was still trying to beat Super Mario Brothers. 
   Then one day a friend showed me a way to “warp” right to the final level.  Finally I could skip past that one sticking point and join the ranks of badass kids that beat this classic game.  Soon I would be playing as Lawrence Taylor and crushing QBs in my next gaming adventure after finally beating this stupid game. 
   But alas, I couldn’t beat it… still. I was right there at the final level and merely needed to run, jump and fireball my way to victory, but I couldn’t do it.  I realized if I wasn’t good enough to beat the bad guys on level 5, what sense did it make that I would somehow be able to beat the monsters on level 8?!?  Frustration soon settled in and in time I just said “SCREW IT” and buried that game deep in my toy box never to be seen again. 
   Till this very day it drives me nuts that I never beat that stupid game. 
   So what the hell does this all have to do with CrossFit?  After all this is a CrossFit blog.  Well people, it has everything to do with CrossFit.  So many of you want to learn how to properly snatch, clean and jerk, perform muscles ups, do unassisted pullups, learn to kip, master double unders… and some of you – like me and my adventures in Super Mario Brothers – want to just skip past the hard part and get right to the good stuff.  But as I learned many, many years ago it just doesn’t work that way.
   There are no shortcuts in CrossFit.  Everything you want, you have to be willing to put in the time and earn.  That is one of the things that makes what we do so special.  When you finally do get that first pull up or you complete your first half marathon, you know just how much hard work and effort you put into achieving that goal and it feels amazing to know that you completed it. 
   Understand that Rich Froning did not come out of the womb cleaning and jerking 335 lbs.  Bill Lord just last year had a hard time doing one muscle up.  But both of them put in the time, the effort and the dedication and the results came.  Failure after failure sometimes has to be endured before enjoying success.  Remember that.  Heaven knows those of you who walk out the door with whip marks from all those missed double unders certainly understand that!
   Stop looking for a short cut or instant gratification inside our gym.  Master your air squat before trying to snatch your body weight.  Perform proper strict pull ups for reps before learning the muscle up.  Become proficient doing high rep perfectly executed push ups before even contemplating flipping upside down on a wall in a handstand.  Put in the requisite time in order to obtain the abilities you seek.
   Take my advice and learn from mine and Mario’s mistake.  I would hate to see any of you get frustrated and throw your health and fitness away in a toy box.  Trust me… you will live to regret it.