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WOD Archive for May 2018

May 31, 2018

  1. Gymnastics Warm-up


  1. Shoulder Stability Work
  1. External Rotation x10 + Plank Plus (on elbows externally rotated)
  2. Lower Traps x 10
  3. Shoulder Impingement Prevention x 10 in each spot
  1. Pulling Accessory Work (bar and bw)

3 Sets of

  1. Single Arm KB Bent Over Rows x 10
  2. Farmer Walks x 1:00
  3. Scap Pull-ups x 10


  1. 10:00 AMRAP

7 T2B

14 Burpees

21 Double Unders


Lite Class

Gymnastics Warm-up

Then 2 Rounds of

100 Partner Plank High Fives

800m Run

:60 Hollow Hold + 60 Mountain Climbers

40 KBS

20 Pull-ups

May 30, 2018

  1. Warm-up

7 Stations of Hip and Shoulder Prep


  1.  Not for time:

4 Rounds of

10 HSPU (choose one of the options if scaling from last Friday)

250m Row

10 C2B Pull-ups

200m Run


  1. Weightlifting/Conditioning For Time

Take 70% of your best snatch from last Wednesday and complete

30 Full Snatches


Lite Class

Class Warm-up

Sled Race, Sit-ups, Wall Sits and More!

May 29, 2018

  1. Warm-up
    3 Rounds of
     1 Arm RKB Swing x 10 each arm
     1 Arm Suitcase Deadlift x 10 each arm
     1 Arm High Pull x 10 each arm

10 Burpees


  1. Weightlifting

15:00 to build up to a Heavy Set of 3 T&G Power Clean and Jerk


  1. Conditioning


Power Cleans 155/105

Box Jumps 30”/24”

S2OH 155/105


Lite Class

Bulgarian Split Squats super set with 10 push-ups on the box

3x10 each leg

Remaining Time AMRAP of

20 Burpee Box Jumps

200m run

20 Box Dips

200m run

20 DB Bentover Rows

200m run

20 DB Snatches each arm

200m run

May 28, 2018

Happy Memorial Day!




1 Mile Run

100 Pull-ups

200 Push-ups

300 Air Squats

1 Mile Run


*Partition the 100 Pull-ups, 200 Push-ups and 300 Air Squats as needed


Every year on Memorial Day weekend, CrossFit affiliates across the country perform the Hero workout, ‘Murph’. It is a workout that has become synonymous with CrossFit, not just for its brutal toughness, but for what it represents. ‘Murph’ is not simply another workout we do in a class to increase our fitness before moving on to whatever else we have going on in the day. It is a workout designed to honor and remember the men and women of the armed forces that have lost their lives in defense of our freedom. And as is the case with every Hero workout, it has a story of courage and sacrifice behind it.

‘Murph’ is named after Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy, who was killed in action in Afghanistan June 28th, 2005. He was 29-years-old. After graduating from Penn State University in 1998, Murphy rejected offers to attend law school and instead accepted a commission in the United States Navy and became a SEAL in July 2002. For a man whose nickname was ‘The Protector’, the decision made perfect sense. In fact, when Murphy was in the 8th grade, he was suspended from school for fighting with bullies that were trying to shove a special needs child into a locker. And Gary Williams, author of “Seal of Honor,” a biography of Murphy, recounts a story where Murphy protected a homeless man who was collecting cans from a gang of thugs.

In early 2005 Murphy was assigned to SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team ONE as officer in charge of Alpha Platoon and deployed to Afghanistan. In June of that year, Murphy was leading a four-man reconnaissance team in Kunar province as part of a counter-insurgent mission (the other men in Murphy’s team were Danny Dietz, Matthew Axelson and Marcus Luttrell). During the mission the team encountered a group of local goat herders.

A discussion was held among the four SEALs regarding the rules of engagement and what they should do with the herders, who were being held at gunpoint. Eventually the men decided to release them, but not soon after the SEALs were surrounded and ambushed by an overwhelming Taliban force. Murphy, who was trying to reach HQ via satellite phone, willingly exposed himself to enemy fire by stepping into a clearing where he might get a signal to make the call. Murphy was shot in the back, but still managed to calmly complete the call for reinforcements and return to his position to continue the fight with his men. HQ sent an MH-47 Chinook helicopter to rescue the team, but while attempting to set down in rugged terrain, the helicopter was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade, killing all 16 men on board.

Murphy, Dietz, and Axelson were all killed in action. Luttrell was the only survivor and was eventually rescued after several days of wandering the mountain and being protected by the people of an Afghan village.

The actions and story of the SEALs on June 28th, 2005 are portrayed in the film ‘Lone Survivor’

Murphy was posthumously awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his courage and sacrifice that day. All three of his men were awarded the Navy’s second-highest honor, the Navy Cross, for their actions. The men who were killed in the rescue attempt were also honored. These included Petty Officer 1st Class Jeff Taylor and Lt. Michael McGreevy, who were posthumously awarded Bronze Stars for Valor and Purple Hearts. CrossFit HQ’s Russell Berger, who served in the 1st Ranger Battalion, writes of these men: “These men were fathers, husbands and sons. They were brothers to their fellow SEALs. They were also CrossFitters. In their actions, these men embodied the values and spirit of true heroes, and to immortalize their courage, bravery and self-sacrifice, the CrossFit Hero workouts were created.”


May 25, 2018

Many of you are doing “Murph” tomorrow or Monday so the volume is low today.

  1. Warm-up

Slow 1 mile run


  1. HSPU Drills and then 10:00 EMOM of HSPU (pick a number you can do for all 10 rounds)


  1. Weighted Step ups (moderate weight)

3x10 each leg

  1. Mobilize for “Murph” or if you are not doing “Murph” complete the same finisher from Monday with the goal being beat your score.

2 Sets with 3:00 rest between efforts of

:30 Assault Bike for Max Calories


Lite Class

100 overhead walking lunges each leg

15 squat cleans
30 toes-to-bars
30 box jumps
15 pull-ups
30 push presses
30 double-unders
15 thrusters
30 pull-ups
30 burpees
100 overhead walking lunges each leg


May 24, 2018

  1. Warm-up

2 rounds of

5 Burpees

5 Spidermans with twist

5 Seated Internal/External Rotation

5 Kossack Squats

5 Hurdles each way


  1. Tempo Back Squats Week 2

5x5 with 5551 Tempo

(:05 down, :05 hold, :05 up, :01 at the top)

First set will be the weight you finished with last week (Next week is 4441 and 4x4)


  1. Conditioning

Partner WOD


                1000m Row

                50 OHS 95/65

                750m Row

                40 Burpees

                500m Row

                30 Thrusters 95/65


Lite Class

 2 Rounds of the Regular Class WOD

May 23, 2018

  1. Warm-up

Med Ball Warm-up


Wall Ball

 Med Ball Throws

 Med Ball Cleans

 Over the head throws

  1. Oly
  1. Extensive Snatch Warm-up and Drills
  2. You will have 25:00 to work up to a heavy snatch in the following manner: Complete 20 Double Unders and then 2 full snatches at X weight (start light).  Go up no more than 5# per side and complete 20 Double Unders and 2 Snatches.  After 10:00, go to 20 Double Unders and 1 Snatch. 


  1. Core Work and Mobility


Lite Class

800m run

10 push-presses
20 front squats
30 kettlebell swings
40 dumbbell snatches (alternating)
50 push-ups
40 dumbbell snatches (alternating)
30 kettlebell swings
20 front squats
10 push-presses

800m run

May 22, 2018

  1. Warm-up

Gymnastics Warm-up

  1. Rope Climb Technique
  2. "Nicole"

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Run 400 meters
Max rep Pull-ups

Lite Class

Rope Climb Technique

Pull-up Drills

ME Sprints

:30 on/:30 off x 15

May 21, 2018

  1. Warm-up

Line Drills

2 Rounds

Bear Crawl Down/Back

High Knee Skip Down/Back

Side Shuffle Down/Back

Burpee Broad Jump Down/Back


  1. Double Under Practice

:30 on/:30 off for 5 rounds


  1. Weightlifting

5 sets of

3 Full Cleans + 3 Jerks @75% of 1RM Jerk

3 Sets of

2 Full Cleans + 2 Jerks @80% of 1RM Jerk


  1. Finisher

2 Sets with 3:00 rest between efforts of

:30 Assault Bike for Max Calories


Lite Class

100 Thrusters for Time with an alternating EMOM of

5 Burpees

100m run

Finish with Core Work


May 18, 2018

  1. Warm-up

50 Calories Bike, Ski or Row


  1. Mobilize with Coach


  1. 5k Day!


Lite Class