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WOD Archive for August 2018

August 3, 2018

  1. Warm-up

2 Rounds of

15 Wall Ball

10 Spidermans with w/twist

10 Lunges with plate OH


  1. Squat Prep

2 Rounds of

Glute Activation (1:00 per side)

4 Front Squats with :03 Hold/8 Back Squats with :03 Hold

After the 2 rounds, roll out Triceps and Lats on Barbell



  1. Strength

Front Squat/Back Squat

4 Sets of 4 Front Squats/8 Back Squats @70% of your 1RM Front Squat


  1. Accessory Work


DB Pullover

Ring Dip Negatives

Bicep Curls

Band Pull-apart (20)


Lite Class


Band Pull-Apart while in Wall Sit Position


DB Squat Cleans

*After each set side shuffle down/back 3x


August 2, 2018

  1. Warm-up

Complete Coach Led Upper Body Warm-up with Focus on Shoulders

Thoracic Extension on Foam Roller

Elbows Together (External Rotation)

Internal/External Rotation

Arm Circles

Serratus Anterior Push-ups

Band Pull Aparts

Band Face Pulls

Wall Press


  1. Skill Work

Handstand Hold/Walk Practice


  1. Partner WOD

P1 Sprints Down/Back x 1 then

P2 Sprints Down/Back x 1

Keep increasing by 1 until both partners have reached 7

Rest 1:00 and then work back down the ladder

Sprints should be Max Effort!


Lite Class

Buy In: Regular Class Sprints

Remaining Time AMRAP of

5 Pull-ups

10 Tricep Band Press Downs

15 Goblet Squats

August 1, 2018

  1. Warm-up

Foam Roll

Band Stretches on the Rig


  1. Abs for Days!


  1. Interval Training

3 Rounds of

:30 work/:45 rest

Hang Power C&J 135/95

OTB Burpees

Thrusters 135/95


Lite Class

Core Work then


10 down to 2 by 2 Hang Power C&J

200m Run

10 down to 2 by 2 OTB Burpees

100m Run

10 down to 2 by 2 Thrusters

200m Run