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WOD Archive for November 2019

November 29, 2019

Open Gym Hours

7-9am and 4-6pm.

Happy Thanksgiving!

One WOD today at 9am!

November 27, 2019

General Warm Up 

Weakness Warm Up - 50 Bar Facing Burpees 



Single LAX Ball Pec Smash, :90/side 



Bench Press 3x10 Build across sets, maintain speed. 


Specific Warm Up 

At each weight/rep scheme below, complete 1 unbroken set. 

- Empty bar, 6 power cleans, 6 front squats, 6 jerks 

- With 95/65lbs, 5 unbroken reps of each 

- With 115/75lbs, 4 unbroken reps of each 

This should help the coach/athlete determine workout weight. 



4 Rounds* 

10 Power Cleans 115/75lbs 

10 Front Squats 115/75lbs 

10 Push Jerks 115/75lbs 

*Each round must be done unbroken to count. Rest as little as needed between rounds. 


Lite Class

2 Rounds of

400m Run

15 Back Squats

400m Row

15 Front Squats

400m Run

15 S2OH

400m Row

15 Thrusters

November 26, 2019

General Warm Up 

10 empty bar front rack step through lunges 

12 Strict Toes to Bar

14 Squat and Twist 



Barbell Lat Smash, :90/side 


Specific Warm Up 

Tall Clean Warm Up, 3 reps at each position 

Bar at ribcage 

Bar at belly button 

Bar in position 1 (arms at full extension) 



Every 2:00 For 12 Minutes (6 sets) 

5 Touch and Go Squat Cleans* 



AMRAP 2:00 x 4 

15 HSPU 

8 KBS 53/35 

Max Rep Double Unders in remaining time 

Rest 2:00 


Accessory Work

Climb the Ladder 

*Perfect Sets* Toes to bar 

2-4-6-8-10 x 3 

Rest 3:00 before restarting the ladder


Lite Class

Warm-up 2x through

2:00 Lunge

2:00 Burpees

2:00 Wall Sit

2:00 Plank

2:00 Shuttle Sprints




10—>1 By 1 of

Wall Ball

Row for Calories


November 25, 2019

General Warm Up 

3 Rounds 

10 S-Arm KB Clean and Jerk 

10/7 Calorie Bike 

12 Deadbugs 



2x10 Scap Pull Ups 

2x10 Kip Swings 









Specific Warm Up 

(Bar muscle up) 

Jumping Kip Swing, 5 reps 

Kip + Knees Up, 4 reps 

Kip + Knees + Hips to the bar, 3 reps  



2 Sets, Rest 4:00 

2 Rounds 

12 Calorie Row 

6 Clean and Jerk 155/105lbs 

4 Bar Muscle Ups 


Accessory Work

Hollow Rocks 4x15 

DB Bent Over Rows 4x15


Lite Class

Class Warm-up then 2x through

3 - 5:00 AMRAPs with 1:00 rest between

a. Cindy

b. Burpee Box Jump Overs x 7/Hollow Rocks x 10

c. T2B x 7/Squat Pressout with 10# plate x 10

November 22, 2019

General Warm Up 

5 Rounds 

:15 on, :45 Rest Row “Sprint” 


Specific Warm Up 

4-way Banded Glute Activation Steps, 20 per direction 

5 Front squats after each direction Then, warm up front squats 


Mobility/Activation 2:00 T-Spine Smash w/ foam roller 



Every 2:00 For 12 Minutes (6 sets) 

(1) 3-Second Pause Front Squat 



6 Rounds 

10/7 Calorie Ski OR 10 Burpees 

10 Box Jump All The Way Overs 24/20" 

Rest :30 


Lite Class

5 Rounds of 

10 Lunge Jumps each leg

20 Hang Power Cleans 

30 Double Unders

400m run

500m ski

November 21, 2019

General Warm Up 

3 Rounds 

8 Power Clean and Push Press 75/55lbs 

8 Front Rack In place lunges 75/55lbs 

4 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20” 


Mobility/Activation Calf/Achilles Smash, :90/side


Power Clean Warm up Coach Led



AMRAP 1 Minute, Power Cleans @60% Rest 3 Minutes 

AMRAP :90, Power Cleans @70% Rest 3 Minutes 

AMRAP 2 Minutes, Power Cleans @80% 




T2B Strength and Drills


Conditioning Test

“Sweeney Quad” 

2 Rounds 

16/10 Calorie Bike 

15 Box Jumps 30/24" 

14 DB Push Press 50/35lbs 

Rest 5:00 


Lite Class

For time:

10 dumbbell snatches

15 burpee box jump-overs

20 dumbbell snatches

15 burpee box jump-overs

30 dumbbell snatches

15 burpee box jump-overs

40 dumbbell snatches

15 burpee box jump-overs

50 dumbbell snatches

15 burpee box jump-overs

November 20, 2019

General Warm Up 

Empty Bar, 5 Reps of each, then repeat with 75/55 

Muscle Snatch 

Behind the Neck Snatch Grip Press 

Overhead Squat Snatch Balance 

Position 1 Squat Snatch 



Internal Shoulder Rotation Stretch, :90/side 


Strength Every 2:00 For 12 Minutes (6 sets) 

6 Touch and Go Squat Snatch 

Set 1: 50-60% Range. Set the tone for your movement 

Sets 2-5: Build. Stay smooth. 

Set 6: Back down to opening weight. End with perfect reps. 


Specific Warm Up (Muscle Up) 

2x3 Kip Swings on Rings 

2x2 Big Kips w/ Pulling Rings to Hips 

1x 1-3 Muscle Up Turnovers (no dip) 


Conditioning Test

 "Punxsutawney Ill” 

4 Rounds 

6 Muscle Ups 

18 Alternating DB Squat Snatch 50/35lbs 


Lite Class

2 rounds of

Row 500m

40 Empty Bar Thrusters

Row 500m

40 sit-ups




5 rounds of

10 Pull-ups

20 Squat Jumps

30 Russian Twists

November 19, 2019

General Warm Up 

3 Steady Rounds 

8 Empty Bar Strict Press 

10 Perfect Push Ups 

8 Hang Muscle Cleans 

Run 100m 



2x10 Bottoms Up Press 



Strict Press 5x5 @ 60% 


Specific Warm Up 

Pull Up Progression Warm Up 1-2 times through, all unbroken 

1 Pull Up + 1 Kip 

2 Pull Ups + 1 Kip 

3 Pull Ups + 1 Kip 



For Time 

Sprint 300m 

15 Chest to Bar Pull Ups 

5 Cleans 205/145lbs 

15 Chest to Bar Pull Ups 

Sprint 300m 


Lite Class

1 mile Run then complete the following:

100 Lunge Steps each leg

80 Mountain Climbers each leg

60 Sit-ups

40 Burpees

20 Push Press

November 18, 2019

General Warm Up 

2 Rounds 

20 S-Arm Russian KB Swings 

20 Wallballs 



Banded Pigeon Pose :90/side 


Strength Test 

Work up to a Heavy Deadlift Single 


Specific Warm Up (KB Snatch Skill) 

1x10 S-Arm KB Swings (5/arm) 

1x10 S-Arm KB Swings w/ bent arm 

1x10 S-Arm Swing, tip KB up 

1x10 KB Snatch 



3 Rounds 

Row, Ski, Run (Air Runner) 400m (alternate every round)

30 Sit Ups 

24 KB Snatch 53/35lbs (12 each arm)

Rest 2:00 


Accessory Work

2x20 Banded Strict Pull-ups to be done immediately after the WOD. 


These must be done unbroken so choose your band accordingly. 


Lite Class

Buy In: Row 500m, Ski 500m, Row 500m

4 Rounds:

21 Kettlebell Swings 

21 Pull Ups

Cash Out: Row 500m, Ski 500m, Row 500m